Mobile Development

Color Mushroom helps you for differenciating in between the mobile apps. For building strong and good bonding with customers, mobile is the first preferred medium.
Over the past years, we have been working on a variety of mobile apps ranging from iOS and Android to Windows and Hybrid Apps.

Native Mobile Apps Development

Native mobile application development is written using platform specific language e.g. iOS or Java (for Android). Individual builds are required for each platform is relatively costlier as each platform requires a separate build out. Some examples: Angry Birds, Shazam, Instagram.

Mobile Web Apps Development

Mobile web application development is written using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but leverage device-specific, native frameworks. A single build can be used to fork software for different mobile platforms. Relatively cost-effective as a single build can be used to port to a variety of platforms Some examples: Facebook, Tune In Radio, LinkedIn.